Panda Mouse Pro Download Review Pros and Cons

panda mouse pro apk

Panda Mouse Pro is a key mapper app that supports the keyboard and mouse. You can use this app to configure your keyboard, mouse very easily. They have provided a tutorial video inside the app after download and install it on your device.

The app is safe to use because you will not get banned from any game for cloning the game. It allows you to use its features without cloning the mobile app or game.

The app is developed by panda gaming studios. However, it is still in the BETA mode which means there may be bugs and performance issues in the release.

This app only supports keymap keyboards and mouses. So, if you want a key mapper for the gamepad, you can download and try panda gamepad pro that exclusively supported gamepads.

How to Download Panda Mouse Pro?

You can download the latest and paid version from Google play store. Besides, you can try out a MOD APK that can be found in the internet.

But, we highly recommend you download the original app from the Google play store and support those developers who worked hard to make an awesome app like this.

Pros of Mouse Pro APK

  • Safe to use – Your game will not get banned for using it
  • No cloning required – Cloning takes an additional space from your mobile phone and it can make your device slow. So, you can avoid those problems with Panda Mouse Pro
  • Support Google login
  • No risk – Games like PubG and COD ban your account if you duplicate the app. But, mouse pro never duplicates your games. So, you will never get banned.
  • Support nearly all brands of Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Support nearly all apps & games, except a few applications.

Cons of the application

  • Performance issues – It is still in the Beta stage. So, many of the users are facing these performance issues. It may be a pain for some people.
  • No free trial – Panda Mouse Pro doesn’t allow you to get a trial period/ test the app before purchasing the original version. Therefore, you must purchase it without testing.
  • Complex activation process – You have to root your device before activating it. If you don’t like to root, you can use the PC activator.

We hope this review helped you to get a general idea about the Panda Mouse Pro app. Now it’s your turn to decide whether you will purchase it or not. Happy gaming 🙂

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