5 Best Racing Games For Android Under 100MB

5 Best Racing Games For Android
6285 Best Racing Games For Android

Five best racing games for android under hundred megabytes that you can quickly download from Google play store. But, these games are for android smartphones. So, they will work on your android device only.

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When it comes to racing, we love to use a gamepad. You can download a key mapper tool like Panda Gamepad Pro from the google play store to play these games easier than ever. It is not essential to have a key mapper app. You can play them only with a gamepad without keymapping. However, these games are playable without a gamepad. So, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a gamepad to play them.

01. City Racing 3D

City racing 3D is one of the best car racing game available in the play store. It has a lot of awesome cars to use. Besides, you can modify and upgrade your car as you like. It is 58MB in size.

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City racing has more than 50,000,000+ downloads and 1,551,500+ user reviews. Many of the feedbacks are positive and overall feedback score is 4.4 stars.

The best thing is, You can find real super car models and real world tracks (Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Cairo, Hawaii, Chengdu, Arizona) in this game. It allows you to play online in multiplayer mode and as a offline racing game. As well as, there are four main modes to play as includes Career mode, 1 vs 1, Tournament mode, Time trail.

It supports android 4.1 and higher. Developers of this game are based in China, MARBLE ROAD, Hong Kong.

02. City Racing Lite

You may wonder why, City Racing Lite is closely related to the City racing 3D. It is the lite version of the 3D game. The game is also developed by the same developers of City Racing 3D. So, it is definitely a good game like the previous. It is 50MB in size.

This game is more lite and faster than the previous one. So, it has more than 628,600+ positive feedbacks with overall 4.5 star-ratings.

It has a lot of same features that Racing 3D game has. It allows you to play on different racing tracks. You can choose many awesome cars as well. You can upgrade and modify cars, play online with your friends or you can play offline.

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03. Fast Racing 3D

This is another amazing car racing game. The best thing is it is 20MB in size while having most awesome 3D graphics. You can expect a new type of racing experience with Fast Racing 3D.

It has 100,000,000+ play store downloads and 1,840,860+ user reviews with overall 4.4 star ratings. It supports android 4.0 and higher versions. The game is offered by Doodle Mobile Ltd.

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It allows you upgrade and customize your vehicles. We can say that, Fast racing is stunning and a complete car racing game under 100MB with no doubts! You can download and install it for free from the play store.

04. Asphalt Nitro

When it comes to gaming we can’t forget about Gameloft. This game is also developed by Gameloft. With more than 50,000,000+ downloads, Asphalt Nitro comes to the 5 best racing games for android under 100Mb list. It supports android 4.1 and higher.

Asphalt games are top in quality. So, all the graphics are 3D and realistic than other games in the market. It is 45MB in size.

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Asphalt Nitro mainly has 8 different game modes including Gate Drift, Knockdown, Police chase and much more! You can play it in offline and online modes with your friends.

The best part I love this game is you can find many luxury licensed cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini Veneno. It is awesome to use Nitro to cross the finish line much faster than others!

05. Real Racing 3

When it comes to gaming, another name we cannot forget is EA Sports. The game is offered by EA games. So, it should definitely be an awesome game! Yes, it is! It is rated 4.4 stars in Google play store.

The game is 46MB in size and supports android 4.1 and higher. If you want to play with super cars offered from companies like Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin and Audi this is the game for you! You can find fantastic cars and real world racing tracks in this game.

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According to my experience, this is one of the realistic android racing game under 100MB. However, it requires 2.5GB free space in your device after the installation. So, make sure to check whether you have enough storage before downloading it.

I can say Real Racing is most complete and feature rich android racing game in this list. If you are expecting a premium mobile gaming experience, download it for free from the play store now without thinking so much!

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Is this article helped you to find the racing game you expected? So, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Happy Gaming!!

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