3 Best Keyboard Keymapper Apps For Android

Best Keyboard Keymapper Apps For Android
Best Keyboard Keymapper Apps For Android

When it comes to gaming, we may need to play games with the support of a keyboard or gamepad. But, we have to set up its keyboard layout systems according to our needs to play games like pubg, call of duty mobile and free fire, and more.

We can use a key mapper app to set up a game control system according to our needs. But, there are only a few key mapper apps are available in the app store. Using these apps may result in you by ban you from your favorite games. Therefore, we have to choose a safe and high-quality key mapper app to play any game safely and smoothly. In this guide, we will introduce you to 3 of the best keyboard key mapper apps for android.

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01. Tincore Keymapper

You can use Tincore Keymapper to play touch and non-touch games. It supports most of the keyboards and joysticks. You can use BT supported and USB connected controllers to play games with Tincore Keymapper app. It supports Moga, Nyko, Wiimotes, Wamo, IPega and others.

According to the developers there are no lags, and the application can be tuned according to your needs. But, we found there are still some bugs and crashes in the app. Maybe they will fix them soon.

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You have to root your device to use its core features. It has 20+ different kinds of operation modes per button or stick. It allows you to create different profiles for different games and they will be automatically applied before playing.

Its UI is simple and easy to use. However, your device needs to be rooted if you are a touch screen user. Otherwise, it doesn’t require root access to use it. It has overall 2.6 star ratings at the Google play store and you can install it for free.

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02. Octopus – Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper

Octopus is another feature-rich best keyboard keymapper apps for android. You can download it for free. But, they will show a bunch of ads in the free version. You can upgrade it to the pro version (No Ads) after installing the free version via Google Play. If you need to set up your gamepad, we recommend trying their panda gamepad pro app to do it.

The best thing is it doesn’t require root access or an activator. You can use all the features after installing it without any limit. It is rated overall 3.8 stars in the app store. According to our research, it is the highest-rated app among other keymapper apps in the play store.

But, keep in mind if you are a Pubg player, we don’t recommend Octopus. We have found many users got banned for using this app to play Pubg. Therefore, you can try the panda gamepad pro app which is safe to use with games like pubg. Panda gamepad doesn’t require you to clone the game. You can learn more about it on our website.

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03. Panda Keymapper 64bit – Gamepad, mouse, keyboard

Best Keyboard Keymapper Apps For Android

It supports many keyboard and mouses brands in the market. The app already has presets for 30+ featured games. So, it helps you to reducing the time of mapping it to these games.

You can keymap your keyboard easily using this app. It is not a free app. You have to purchase it for $0.99 from google play store.

This android app doesn’t require root access. So, it will work perfectly with non rooted (no root) devices without any problem. This app doesn’t have better ratings on google play. It is rated 2.3 stars which is not a good feedback score.

Most of the users are not satisfied with its usability. Compared to Tincore keymapper and Octopus this app has many bugs and issues. So, if you still think this app is the best keyboard keymapper apps for android you can try it after purchasing.

So, we can’t be fully satisfied with the available android apps for keyboard key mapping. There are only a few apps in the market. As you can see, no app has at least 4-star ratings which can be considered okay to use.

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On the other hand, available apps are not get updated much often. We can see, Most users are complaining and reporting about the problems they are facing. But, many of the developers are still not updated their apps which is a bit confusing for the users.

We hope you have been able to find a working keyboard keymapper app for your device. Let’s stay tuned to see what kind of keymapper apps the developers will introduce in the future.

Happy gaming!

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